PREMIERE! New Single – “Foolproof”


it’s been a long time coming and it’s the beginning of more. thanks for sticking around. this song is about how crazy it is to be young and dumb and invincible and scared in 2018.
“do you feel foolproof?”
Music & lyrics by: Ivory James
Mixed & mastered: Ivory James
Cover Painting: Cheryl Hetherington
Cover Art & Text: Jack Ross
Electric Guitar: Seamus St. Clair

“Foolproof” – new single coming 10/19


New Ivory James single called “Foolproof”, coming next Friday 10/19! 

Painting by Cheryl Hetherington, an amazing artist from Iowa City I have been lucky to know almost my whole life.

Cover design by Tape Tension/ Jack Ross.

Welcome to a new chapter! I’ve been sitting on songs and thinking about how to get them to you. I think I found the best way. Adventures await!

on the eve of tour…


On the eve of tour, I would like to reminisce on how physical objects can persist through various parts of our life and remind us where we’ve been. This dopey, magical chain has been around my neck during some of the worst times (and worst sets) of my life, as well as accompanied the nights that have fueled every decent song I have ever transmitted. It’ll be around my neck on this tour. You are what you do. So do good and do well.



I am so very excited to see you all. Come to these shows! Bring your dancing shoes, and your friends, and tea (because 5 back to back shows is gonna be wild). You are the reason I do this.

GUARANTEED: more sax appeal, extra jackets, new hat, new keys, new tunes, bigger beats, phatter bass. Pinky promise.

Check out @tapetension on Instagram for more art like this lovely poster.

Stay golden.

New Single



this is a two song single. a double? these were written years ago and recorded very recently. keep your feet on the ground.

thanks to everyone who i love. you hopefully know who you are.


{liner notes}

Ivory James: lead vocals, Dave Smith Prophet REV2, kingKORG, Roland System-8, korg electribe 2 sampler, Roland SP-404SX
Clinton Garlock: electric guitar
Inga Aleckson, Dante De Grazia, Seamus St. Clair, Clinton Garlock, McKenzie Snyder, Martha Hall, Emma Withers, Jack Ross: backing vocals
Sample of voice memo “tell me” by: Nathan Christenson, Dante De Grazia, Avery Mossman
Audio Engineering/recording: Ivory James
Written by: Ivory James
Mixing: Jack Ross, Ivory James
Mastering: Jack Ross
Cover Photography: Aidan Deen-Lester
Cover Art Design: Jack Ross